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Where: Luke + Logan HQ

Welcome to Luke + Logan HQ

We are located in a warehouse space at 65 Denzil Doyle Court, Suite 111, Kanata, ON. 

Many brands start in peoples kitchens or basements or garages but for me it didn't really work that way.

My background is product development and I got to do that for some amazing iconic beauty brands and learning on the fly.

It was such an exciting time and because I didn't really know anything about developing beauty products when I started I jumped on planes and went to the factories. I learned everything I could about all parts of developing and designing products starting with the idea of getting every part of it made and wow lots of times I had to be creative to get it done!

I learned from THE BEST,  R&D teams, the chemists, the production managers, the account managers, the fill line people at many different size manufactures. I learned from the component makers, bottle makers, screen printers, mockup artists, the raw material suppliers, the perfumers, the designers, the packagers, the display makers, the shippers, the retailers, the sales teams, the PR teams, the marketers, and the list goes on. 

I was so fortunate for that experience and the trust the owners had in me and what they taught me and all the people I worked with, WOW, we created some VERY cool brands . I am always grateful!

By the end of my journey there I had learned so much I thought I was done with that part of my life but when it's in you's in you!

So when I couldn't find a product from my son that would work for him I thought..... wait one second!!!! I can actually solve this problem. I could make a product for him. Fragrance Free with good ingredients that looked COOL.

The people I had met along the way, many of them I stayed friends with (we spent A LOT of time together!) and when I started to put the wheels in motion I just couldn't stop. I was back to what I loved, creating amazing formulas in beautiful packaging that was user friendly and solving a problem. 

So all that to say I fortunately had the experience to know what it could be and the only thing holding me back was traveling to a manufacturer. So the investigation began... Could I start a small manufacturing line near my house? well the answer was why not try. So starting small I bought a filling machine and labeling machine, found warehouse space near my home and set up a shop and that business is called G8LABB. So if you need anything filled, designed and developed I am here for you!

All of the parts I loved so much now in my own little space! 

So that's why I have a warehouse and not doing it out of my kitchen or garage.

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